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90’s Marketing – Part 3

This is it! The final part of the series and the answer to how you can stop being a 90’s marketer!

If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 of the 90’s marketing blog, please do! Otherwise this part won’t make much sense.

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The First Step is Admitting it

Like any self improving program out there, the first step is to admit that you are, or are probably guilty at some point of being, a 90’s marketer. Good, we’ve got that out of the way, now we need to self improve and there’s a couple of steps we can take to help us on our journey.

It’s All About the Audience

The audience comes first, not your brand, not your products, the audience. When you’re writing a social media post you should be thinking “is this good content for my audience”.

Let the audience make your brand

Stop wasting time thinking about what tense to write your blog in, or how formal you should be on Twitter, let your audience do that for you. Reply to social media questions in the same style it was asked in. The time of purely advertising your product or service is over, to be successful you need to create a relationship with your audience. How annoying is it when your friends talk about work, and that’s all they talk about? Same concept, talk about them, about current affairs and then when you do have something to say about your company, they will be interested to hear what it is.

Plan Ahead

I think I’ve mentioned this once, twice maybe a hundred times before. Plan ahead. It’s very easy to think of something, action it and then what? Sit and wait for the sales to come through. No! If you plan ahead then you can re-marketing, which is an art form itself. If you plan, you have more time to analyse, find out what works with your audience and what doesn’t and change the next plan.

Plan a social media diary for 3 months that includes:

Social Activities

  • News – (current affairs/ relevant up and coming events that’s relevant to your target audience)
  • Updates – About your company (not promos, maybe someones birthday in the office, favorite type of coffee)
  • Tips – We talked about the bike repair shop in the “importance of online videos” blog (it’s the perfect example of free advice)
  • Freebies – This could be anything from a “free cup of coffee if you come see us” or “a bottle of champagne raffle on Facebook”.

Promotional Activities

  • Products & Services – Don’t post the same stuff over and over again (only post if it’s new or there’s a good offer on)
  • Case Studies – Get some reviews (if you can get video reviews then you’re on to a winner! If not, post them as pictures to make them stand out)
  • Blog – Promote your blog (funny, interesting, engaging blog posts always work)
  • Contact – Introduce the members of your team to your social media family (it’s personal and engaging)

That’s your bread and butter, try to spend more time on social activities instead of promotional activities, and remember to post regularly and frequently. Don’t do 10 posts in 1 day and nothing for a week!

Stay Ahead

How many times have I heard the question; “How do you know all this?” I have an extensive collection of blogs, online magazines and thought leaders that I follow. Every week, I learn something new. Digital Marketing relies heavily on technology, and technology is changing very quickly, if I don’t change and learn with it, I fall…hard! So check out some blogs, follow some marketing experts and comment below which ones you found most interesting to read.

Goodbye 1990’s

That’s it, I mean that’s the start of it. There’s so much more to learn when it comes to digital marketing, but following these 3 steps is great place to start:

  • It’s all about the audience
  • Plan ahead
  • Stay ahead

Try it for a while, when you see it starting to work, get in touch and we’ll guide you on how to be even better! Sign up to our email newsletter to get more tips and advice!


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