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12 Christmas Marketing Ideas

Last year I wrote a blog post about the importance of Christmas marketing and getting it done as early as possible. This year, I thought I would share with you 12 Christmas Marketing Ideas.

Before we start, it’s important to note that, you should have a goal set out before you start your marketing. A marketing goal could be: Get more sales or grow audience.

1.Be Festive

Tis the season to be corporate? Nope, let loose, let your customers know you’re excited about Christmas. Post some pictures of your office Christmas tree, a picture of the staff dressed in seasonal costumes!

2. Send an Email

This one’s pretty obvious, simply send an email out to your customers saying Merry Christmas! (Be sure to include your opening days and times) Oh, and don’t use the email as an opportunity to promote your latest offers or products, just send a sincere Christmas email out; it’ll be appreciated!

3.Your Company in a Year

Make a small info-graphic showing what you were doing this time last year vs what you’re doing this year. Make sure to thank your customers for all their help getting you there!

4.Christmas Hamper Give Away

A great one to build up your social media audience, run a small competition and give away a hamper to a lucky few!

5. Festive Logo

Dress your logo up on your website to be a bit more festive! Stick a Santa Hat on it, put it in a sleigh, the possibilities are endless! (Make sure your logo is still recognisable!)

6. Christmas Party

Why not open the office up and invite local businesses round for some Christmas pudding and a couple of drinks!

7. Christmas Video

We’ve already cover the Importance of Videos so now is the opportunity to create one. A simple idea would be to film the office singing a Christmas Carol or a short animation. Get in touch to find out about our videos and animations.

8. New Years Resolutions

Make an list of New Years Resolutions that you pledge to your customers! (Ask them for suggestions!)

9. Christmas Cards

Get a bunch of Christmas cards printed off and hand them out to every purchase in December; it’s the little things! We can design and print your Christmas Cards, just get in touch today!

10. Gift Wrap

This one only really works with retail shops, but offer a free gift wrap service; it’s a great example of customer service.

11. Missing Rudolph!

This is a fantastic competition! Hide a small image of Rudolph (or any other seasoned character) on your website, then post hints and clues about where it might be! The first one to correctly find him wins a prize! It’ll get people scouring your website and create a buzz on social media! (This one works well on e-commerce sites!)

12. Charity work

The real gift of Christmas is giving! So, why not do something for a local charity, it’s great publicity, and it gives you that warm, glowing feeling inside!


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