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What to Expect from 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had an amazing 2015, but 2016 is here now and it’s time we took action.

In this blog I’m going to be outlining what you can expect from Digital Marketing in 2016. I’ll also be explaining what you can expect from MooMooSheep this year.

Video, Video, Videos!

2015 saw a massive increase of videos in digital marketing strategies and 2016 will see a bigger increase and be more accessible to smaller organisations.

Read the “Importance of Online Videos” to see why you should have video’s and what type of video you should be using.

You can also expect Video Ads to be more dominant online, these video ads have been around for ages but Google will be getting on board with video advertising and joining the likes of Facebook, Bing and YouTube. The idea of video advertising should be in your 2016 marketing strategy.  Which moves us onto the next trend:

Clever Advertising and Re-Targeting

Google’s Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and even Spotify! Advertising should be a big part of your digital marketing and we can expect to see some clever algorithms and tactics to target & re-target your audience. You should be putting a budget to one side for online advertising. More and more people advertising on a bidding basis means that advertising online will become more expensive due to demand and supply.

Mobile Domination

It’s already been established that the majority of internet browsing in the UK takes place on mobile devices, but 2016 will see another increase in mobile users. So if you don’t have a mobile responsive site yet, please get in touch! I can’t stress enough how important a responsive website is!

New Technology

Siri and Cortana are leading the way forward for “Digital Assistants”, if you have an app as part of your business then you should be utilising these. Your content writing and SEO should also take into account Digital Assistants.

Wearable technology has already started to sell on the market. It started with Google Glass (Sadly it didn’t take off) but with the release of the Apple Watch and several Android Watches, your marketing strategy should at least consider that your audience may be using these devices.

What to expect from us?

As with everything in digital marketing; technology moves fast and you can expect to see us moving quickly to keep up with all the trends and technology advances.

In April, MooMooSheep will be celebrating it’s birthday and we’ll probably be having a massive party! (Check the post for the invite!).

We’ve had a very exciting year and 2016 looks like it will be even more exciting. In January we will be taking on a full time sales and account manager, and will be looking at taking on extra staff to help with social media and graphic design later on in the year.

As always, we have a dedication to perfection, we want to make you stand out from the crowd and we want to do it within a reasonable budget.

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