Graphic Design & Branding

Your Brand is Everything in Marketing

What’s the point in being seen if no-one recognises you? That’s where branding and graphic design come in. A good brand will follow strict design rules that are unique to them. MooMooSheep can help shape the image of your brand. We start with the core values of your company;

Your target audience
What you stand for
Your mission statement

From there, we put our creative heads together and come up with a logo and colour scheme that will best show off what you do best. Once you’re happy with this, we’ll come up with a branding guide, so if you decide to create your own marketing materials you can follow these rules and be sure that they will fit into your brand.

Why is Unique Branding Important?

We see it all the time with huge corporate companies, trying to take other peoples branding. Coca Cola for instance; they spend millions on their marketing and advertising, and it’s core colours, fonts and branding are very recognisable. So a smaller company, will design their bottle with similar colours, fonts and branding, this way they become “recognisable” on the shop shelf.

Unique branding makes you stand out, and at MooMooSheep that’s what we help people do.

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