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Politics and Your Brand

One of the biggest topics trending at the moment is politics; Who will be the PM? Who will be the new President? Was it right to leave the EU? And who will replace Chris Evans on Top Gear?

With politics trending so much and being so interesting it would make sense to blog, write engaging statuses, even do a video, right?


Unless your brand, product or service has a direct link to politics and specific campaigns, you need to stay away from expressing your opinion! I’ve talked about creating a brand personality, persona and voice, and how important consistency is. Here are 5 reasons why politics shouldn’t influence your brand:


It’s clear to see that people are extremely passionate about politics, especially in recent years, due to extreme potential outcomes. How many couples have you seen arguing about the latest EU Referendum? Heck, I’ve had arguments with family members and friends. It’s not worth risking getting into an argument with potential clients, especially on Social Media where everyone can see you!


How freakin’ close was the EU ref results?! It was nearly a 50/50 split. If you put your political views online for everyone to see, you could have alienated 50% of your target audience! Can you afford to loose 50% of your business for the sake of a political view?

I Told You So

What if you were wrong? It’s the internet, it’s not like you can just retract your statement, people have seen it, judged you and probably told their friends about how you’re voting! Ahhh, but what if you were right? Well, nobody likes to hear “I told you so”, but even if you were right, you’ve still alienated a bunch of people.

The Pub Rule

Have you ever heard the rule: “When you’re in the pub don’t discuss; politics, sport or religion”? Why? Because people get passionate, opinionated and have even been known to start wars over them. There’s a time and place to discuss these things, and it’s not on social media, blogs, websites or anything else with your brand stamp on it!

Nobody Cares

Let’s say you’ve successfully alienated a bunch of people because of your controversial post, you’ve got people angry, and you’ve made yourself look like a right sausage. Who’s left? The one’s that couldn’t give a rat’s arse! So after all of that, your post did nothing to boost sales, create an audience, or strengthen your brand… well done *slow clap*


I wrote this blog because I could see local social media pages getting involved where there should stay out, most of them didn’t go to the extremes of writing a ranting blog, but simply sharing the wrong post can have disastrous effects.

By the way, I’m not saying; “Don’t have an opinion”, I’m suggesting that you keep your opinions and your political discussions between you and people you know, not customers and definitely not the world!

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