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The Importance of Online Videos

We wrote this blog back in 2015 and thought we would revisit it. Check out our video/animation showreel at the end of this article.

2015 has been dubbed the year of video! If you’re not using video in your online marketing then you are already behind your competitors. 2016 will see a boom in online videos and it doesn’t matter if you sell products online, provide a local service or build houses, videos are a perfect way to get information to your potential customers quickly. In this blog we’ll discover the different types of videos that can work for your business and why it’s so important to be video friendly these days.

Explainer Videos

Probably the most popular types of videos around at the moment are explainer videos, and it’s easy to see why. While a well written “about” page may get your message across, it’s nothing compared to an explainer video or an introduction video. Usually these videos are fun, bright & colourful, attracts the users attention straight away and keeps them hooked throughout. These types of videos are perfect for the homepage of your website; sitting prominently and actively engaging the user.  They are brilliant for social media as well, with Facebook favouring the use of media on posts, you will quickly find that a video is shared and viewed more than most of your other posts.

Videos are great for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), with video content increasing the chances of front page Google ranking by 53 times.

Product videos

Product videos can increase conversion by 30% on eCommerce websites. Product videos will drill confidence into your potential customers and help them make a purchasing decision.

64% of viewers are more likely to make a purchase in an online store after viewing a video.

Just think about that fact for a while… Ok now back to the blog, that’s a staggering fact. A simple product video can increase the chances of a sale by 64%, which is why marketing professionals, around the globe, agree that video marketing is one of the best ROI (Return on Investments).

How To’s & Tutorials

Everybody loves a good how-to video, and everybody loves freebies. More & more people are using YouTube to find How-To guides, and if you’re creating how to videos related to your industry then your brand reputation sky-rockets!

More than 54% of people that view a branded YouTube video will click through to your website.

I spoke to bicycle mechanic who posted how-to videos on YouTube; they were simple, home-made videos that taught the visitors how to change a tyre, fix a chain etc. The average person would think this is stupid; you’re essentially putting yourself out of business. In reality, his customers will always try to fix their bikes themselves, why not help them and when it goes wrong they know where to come to get it fixed professionally.

Video Landing Page

Let’s say you’ve done your marketing right, you’ve spent months planning a big launch, whether it’s a product, event or new service. You’ve posted teasers on social media, you’ve got an email list of potential customers. Now you’re building your landing page! You go ahead and fill it with all the marketing buff and descriptions, you’ve got the photo’s that show off your product in the best possible light, and finally the all important “call to action”. The “call to action” could be a sign up form, “reserve your place” or “buy online now”, getting those buttons clicked is the main purpose of the landing page.

Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them

Delete all the text on the landing page, put a short 2-3 minute video on the site and stick your call to action below it. It sounds really simple, but it works, the stat’s don’t lie! You could have an animation with a voice over or a simple, 1 angle sales pitch video, both work as effectively depending on your industry.

Customer testimonials

Online Marketing 101; it’s not all about your presence, it’s about your reputation. It’s easy to put an ad on the front page of Google and it’s easy to get a good looking, responsive website. The average visitor to your website knows this, and will be constantly looking for evidence of your reputation, not your presence. How many times have you had a look on Amazon or eBay and flicked through the comments and reviews? Almost all of you will have done that before making a purchasing decision. So, get your customers to make a review video. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just on a smart phone or webcam would be perfect! GoPro did it right! All over YouTube and social media sites you will find their customers posting videos of themselves doing crazy stuff with GoPro’s attached to their heads. It was a perfectly executed marketing strategy, check out the #GoPro Tweets below.

So, Videos?

2015 was the start of an online video revolution and is extremely important for any business that wants to be taken seriously online. There are loads of different types of videos available, but what’s important is that you pick the right one for your company. Think about your brand, your reputation and how you want to be seen, then get in touch with us and watch your sales go off the chart!

Here’s an example of how we’re using videos in our marketing. We plan to release a series of videos with the same style and branding throughout.

Here’s a showreel of our animation work we’ve done:

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