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Christmas Marketing and Why you need it!

I know it’s only October, but lets face it, if you haven’t organised your Christmas marketing yet, you probably won’t get round to doing it this year.

Why do we need Christmas Marketing?

Well, put yourself in your customers shoes and think about why you would spend money with your company during the festive period? 1 of 2 thoughts will have come into your customers minds;

  1. I need something from your company for Christmas
  2. I don’t need anything from your company for Christmas

It doesn’t matter which one applies to your company, you will need Christmas Marketing!

I need something from your company for Christmas

Lets say your business applies to option 1, and your customer needs something from you for Christmas. Whether it’s presents, Christmas decorations or batteries for all the toys the kids are getting this year, chances are your competitors are already pushing out their Xmas marketing material.

Every year the percentage of online sales goes up, and last year was no exception with internet sales making up 23.4% of all Christmas shopping. That’s a growth of 19.5% from the previous year, making a total of £17.37 bn. Can you afford to not get a piece of that pie?

A massive 30% of Xmas online sales was done on mobile technology (tablets, phones etc), if you don’t have a mobile responsive website yet, please, for the love of God, get in touch it’s 2015!!

Did you know that in 2012 UK internet users made 107 million visits to retail sites on Christmas Day! That’s an increase of 71% from the previous year and every year since then it has slowly been rising, the reason?

Answer: Smart Phones

The whole family is stuffed, you’d be surprised if you ever felt hungry again, so you depart to the living room, where Gran is already asleep and snoring. It’s inevitable that a phone or 2 will come out; commence the browsing. Couple that with all the vouchers you got, that you can now spend online, it’s no surprise that people spend the majority of Christmas Day glued to their smartphones.

I don’t need anything from your company for Christmas

OK, so your company doesn’t supply Christmas gifts or decorations, but that doesn’t mean you have to be left out. Let people know you are still here, still open and still providing the high quality service they expect.

Your customers will be tightening their belts around the festive period, which is why it’s even more important to get your marketing right! Temptation to go to a competitor for a cheaper product or service will cross their minds. Putting it off until the New Year will definitely be a deciding factor as to whether to spend money with you.

Tackle it head on!

Christmas is a fun, happy and personal time, with most people spending it with their families. So make them part of your family! I don’t mean invite them round for Xmas dinner, but make them part of your companies family. People love personal brands, they don’t want to feel like they are dealing with a machine.

Social Media makes it possible to build personal relationships with your customers and helps show off a personal brand. Get in touch if you need a hand with your Social Media.

So what should I do?

I get told off, a lot, for giving away freebies, but it’s the nearly Christmas so here’s some free advice.

  1. Offers: Give your customers an offer that’s only available from Nov-Dec. Advertise it as an early Christmas gift! Throw it round social media, blogs, email marketing, website promotions!
  2. Thank your customers: Everybody loves a thank you card, so get a list of your customers addresses and send them a Christmas Card. Send Christmas Hampers to your best customers, send a personalised thank you email,  make a video for social media!
  3. Increase your ad budget: If you do sell online, increase your online advertising budget over the Xmas period, even if it’s for just 5 days over Christmas. There are more and more people online during the Christmas period and you need to be seen before your competitors are.
  4. DO IT NOW! One of the worst things you can do is to put it off and put it off and then throw something out halfheartedly. It makes your company’s reputation and brand look bad, but worst of all, it makes your company look desperate for sales. Plan and Review!


We can help you with your Christmas Marketing, whether it’s designing a Christmas Card, creating a Christmas Video, helping out with your Google Ad’s, or building a brand new site, get in touch today.



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