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Benefits of a Blog

How many companies do you know that have a blog on their website?

Let me re-word it, how many companies do you know that have started a blog on their website?

The majority of blogs soon get shut down for one reason or another. Usually they fall under these categories:

  1. The web designer made me have one
  2. I don’t have time to do one
  3. Why do I need a blog?

Blogs work, if you spend time on them

If you spend time on them, and you do them properly with a schedule and a decent distribution strategy, you will see massive benefits of a blog. Here’s just a couple of them:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Google loves original, regularly updated content on a website that is relevant to the user. A blog fits into this perfectly. No need to be updating the homepage of your website every week!
  • Good Social Media Content – Social media content should be fresh and unique, and a blog post is ideal.
  • Build up brand recognition and brand loyalty – If you’re providing important and entertaining content to for the user, they are going to be loyal to your brand and even recommend your company.

How do you write a blog?

Well, there’s no simple answer to this question but the best piece of advice I can give you is:


Everyone has to start at the beginning, so start by writing one blog, and then dedicate some time and just do it.

Find the time & place

Writing a blog is a creative process, and you need to find the best time and place to write a blog. You can’t force creativity, so don’t try. For me, I blog every Wednesday in a local coffee shop. It’s the middle of the week, I’ve done the majority of my weekly tasks and I’m usually in a relaxed, happy mood.

Why a coffee shop? My office is used for 1 of 2 things;

  1. Accounting and Admin
  2. Clients Work

The majority of my creative work is thought up outside of my office space. I might go for a walk, go for breakfast or sit in a coffee shop to come up with creative ideas. Once I have a creative idea thought up and written down, I’ll go back to my office to put it into action (i.e. the non-creative side of things).

Bulk Write & Plan

I feel like I’m repeating myself, because in almost all my blogs I reiterate the importance of planning ahead. Once I’m in my blogging mode, I will write between 10-15 blogs one after each other. But, here’s the important bit, I won’t publish them straight away!

I’ll revisit them a week later to read over them, make changes and re-word them. Once I’m ready to launch that blog post I will visit it one more time to make final amendments. Obviously, I write blogs for loads of different companies and individuals, so 15 a week is not a lot for me. If you are doing it for yourself, you might only need to do this once a month.

Typically, one of my blog posts will have been written between 2- 3 months before I launch it. This blog post was written in 2015!

Don’t Copy

It’s so tempting to look at your competitors blogs and write something similar to them. Don’t do it. It will stifle your creative process and won’t be original. Come up with an original idea, write about it and get a friend to review it. It’s easier writing about original topics and makes for a better blog post rather than copying someone else’s.

Find your Voice

This is important! Try to write in the same style as if you were having a conversation with someone. There’s no point trying to sound too formal, because it won’t flow naturally. This is a good opportunity to give your brand a voice and a personality, don’t waste that by writing a blog as if it was a Press Release.


Include the blogs into your social media planning, add it to your email signature, post it across different online forums. You could even schedule in old posts that haven’t been promoted for a year or so. I use my blog to answer clients questions, I had a client ask me why they need a video, I emailed them a link to the “Importance of Online Videos” blog. They now receive regular emails from me with blog updates and they love it!

Still Need Help?

If you still need help with writing blogs then get in touch. We offer blog writing packages to suit your industry or we can come in a run a training seminar on how to write a blog effectively.






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